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Prototype of the mighty Monte-Carlo Lamborghini, powered by a V12 Countach QuattroValvole

This fine automobile was the first GT in History wich chassis & bodywork made of Carbon composite

Autodrome offers the first ever built, and one of only three ever delivered



Marque Model Year Km Colour Summarised description €URO FFR
FACEL-VEGA  Facellia Coupé 2+2 1960   Bordeaux/Cuir noir [TOO LATE, sold] Very rare Facellia, one of 48 built in the "short" 2+2 version. A highly collectable and prestigious French Grand Tourisme.    
FERRARI  575 Maranello     Black / Tan A rare and fascinating front-engine V12 throrouhbread…    
FERRARI  365 GT4 2+2     Azzuro Hyperion The most exclusive V12-powered 2+2 Ferrari, and a pure and classy design.    
FERRARI  375 MM - Bronze 1989   Bronze Bronze sculpture by French artist Alain Moitrier, lost-wax cast, one of only 4 artist's pieces. Founder : Susse Frères, who worked for Giacometti and Rodin    
FERRARI  550 Maranello     Oro Chiaro/Light Gold [TOO LATE] The last true aspirated V12 of the golden era. Rare and sought-after manual gearbox example, extremely well preserved.    
JIDE  1600     Red / Black Extremely rare early original example, fine construction quality, for this exciting French GT, rival of the Alpine A110    
LAMBORGHINI  Miura P400/P400S       Please contact us for details.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 900 cc Motorcycle 1986   Yellow / black leather [TOO LATE, sold] This mythical high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. 900 cc example : now sold. BUT : we also own another example, a 1000cc version.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 1000 cc Motorcycle 1990   Yellow / black leather Incredibly rare (less than 10 ever built), this high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. This 1000cc version is even more powerful and exclusive than the 900 cc.    
LAMBORGHINI  350 GT 1964   Bordeaux / cream leather [TOO LATE, now sold] Very unique car : one of the first ten Lamborghini ever built, with specific construction details…A most important Classic, the source of a Legend.    
LOTUS  Europe     Any colour WANTED : Europe/Europa first series (1966-67), cn #0001 to 0540, with integrated chassis, in original condition.    
LOTUS  Europe S1 1967   Green / black One of the 500 early S1, non-opening windows, and chassis integrated in fibreglass monocoque. Unique, original matching # condition. Please contact Autodrome Cannes : 0492991900 (    
MARCADIER  Barzoï Gullwing 1600 1969   Red / Black TOO LATE, sold. Very rare 1600 cc Gordini-powered mid-engine version, with round tubes tubular chassis, French Ttitle, road-legal. A prototype for the road…    
MASERATI  Bora 4.7 1977   Silver/Black & red leather First ever mid-engined Maserati, spectacular design by genius stylist Gugiaro, our example is one of the sought-after ''first-edition''. 160000  
MONTE-CARLO Lamborghini  Centenaire 1999   Old English White /Red leather The very first road-legal car in History with carbon-fibre chassis, one year before the Bugatti EB110. This is one of only 3 Monte-Carlo Centenaire ; powered by the V12 Lamborghini QuattroValvole.    
PORSCHE  911 2.0     Red / black Founder of a myth, timeless. This is the early 2.0 swb version.    
René Bonnet  Djet I et II       Wanted : authentic René-Bonnet Djet I or II, in any condition.    




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